Derby Deeds Podcast


We studied all the top teams to see if there was a pattern. Default strategy is what we came up with. Basically, we are saying that there are four situations that are the most common and you have to know what to do in those four instances.

THIS is the cheat sheet that we use to teach default strategy.

Man On! – All your blockers need to tie up all of the blockers on the other team so that your jammer can get through. If their jammer gets through also, that is alright, just get yours through.


Stop! – All blockers must work together to grab a goat and stop so that your jammer can get through the pack without stopping.


Go! – Get all of your blockers to the front of the pack and don’t be a point.


Wall Up! – All blockers need to get to the back of the pack to wall up and stop the other teams jammer.


On the pivot line, the team leader decides whether the strategy will be Man On or Wall Up. If you have the faster jammer on the line, you go Man On. If they have the faster jammer, Wall Up.

This works for 90% of the game play that you run into as long as EVERYONE on the team is doing it together. One person strays from default strategy and it fails.
It is also important that the team sees the upcoming status change before it happens. For example, your jammer is on their scoring lap and approaching the back of the pack while you still have their jammer tied up. The entire team needs to be aware that you are about to change from ‘STOP!’ to ‘MAN ON!’ at just the right time so as to not impede the motion of your jammer. Even at the cost of letting their jammer go. If half of your team is still in ‘STOP!’ status, they will impede your jammer.

The leagues that I have taught Default Strategy have embraced it and had fantastic success with it. For more information about me and some recommendations about my ability to teach Default Strategy, please see MY BIO PAGE.